Η εταιρία - Η φιλοσοφία

The company | Philosophy
«The Companies that have a variety of knowledge, but they insist on what they know best, are the most successful ones.
The most prosperous are the ones that accumulate their knowledge around the same activity.»

T. Peters & R. Waterman

Having this saying as a principle A.Grapsas continuously updates its knowledge on the contemporary building materials as well as on new applications of the plaster.

Plaster is an absolutely friendly to the human being and to the environment mineral with unlimited capabilities. For this reason, A.Grapsas is taking care of its continuous update for the use of the knowledge to the public and the application of it to the company's various constructions.

The know-how is one of the most important advantages of the people that work for A.Grapsas, which is a never ending story.

Hence, A.Grapsas has invested on its relationships with its suppliers, with architects and civil engineers that will assign to them "challenging" projects.
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