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Messogion ave., external view Messogion ave., external view

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179, Messogion ave., 115 25 Neo Psihiko - Athens
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Messogio, works in the lobby
This new exhibition has been designed and implemented, from the company A.Grapsas. The company that over 40 years now is operating in the field of dry constructions and plaster decorations has managed to convert the 450m2 ground floor store of a block of the 70s into a perfect exhibition center.

The exterior decor of the building had no particular character; therefore, the neo classical form that has been given afterwards made a sound difference to the building as a whole. The big windows that have been built-in by plasterboards, and glared the interior, have been constructed with special insulation so as to solve the problem of the noise pollution that was coming from Mesogeion Avenue. The front view has been brought out with the construction of two artistic columns, the alcove over the entrance and the sign of the company that are all made of scagliola.

Scagliola is an unusual style that has its origins in the beginning of the 16th century. Scagliola is produced by a mixture of plaster with colors and glues and its purpose is to succeed the most perfect imitation of any marble. The advantages of Scagliola in comparison with the marble are its low weight and the perfect joints. Scagliola is a technique that A.Grapsas has studied in real depth and has exposed it in this new store in Mesogeion Ave.

Messogion ave., meeting room
The major difficulties that the company has faced in the interior of the building in order to combine the functionality of the space with the aesthetical outcome are the following. Although the ground floor was a 145 m2 floor, it was interrupted by the staircase of the block and the elevator was taking quite a big place. Furthermore, the plan of the building was not square, and there was very difficult access to the lofts. In view of these difficulties A.Grapsas has managed to create a functional space and turned the disadvantages into advantages.

Then, they have been decorated with artistic ceilings and mural decorations in a way that each room would be special, functional and with a great design.

Characteristically, the design of the central ceiling in the ground floor includes solutions for adequate lighting, ventilation and heating without affecting the decoration. The reception has been remarkably constructed entirely by plaster, plaster boards and scagliola technique. Moreover, in all the walls in the central room there are various designs of the company's mouldings, harmonically combined.

Messogion ave., internal corridor
Throughout the whole ground floor the visitor can see various techniques and decorative proposals, such as hidden lighting around a room combined with several different gypsum cornices, domes of lighting, "nests" of lighting in the corridor and ceilings with various ornamental panels.

In the ground floor the company has also constructed a small conference room which has a really impressive and artistic ceiling. It is a shaped false ceiling made from plasterboards and a metallic skeleton hanging from a structural ceiling. It also includes a hidden lighting and a decorative interference with plaster constructions that is faced with gold and silver leaves.

In the basement of the store there is another projection room, built up in order to satisfy the employees' needs for meetings and trainings as well as to present to clients multimedia material.

Messogion ave., offices
The decoration of the basement is quite impressive. The visitor can admire various constructions with hanging ceilings, crossed domes, domes, hiding lightings, as well as miniatures of ceilings with a decorative cornice in the perimeter and a ceiling rose in the centre.

The basic thought and intention was to utilize the company's mouldings as well as to create new ones, in order to create the right aesthetical outcome. The difficulty, however, was to combine the several designs between them and with the room. At the same time, the client's needs were taken into account, in order to build a store that would create them the correct stimuli.

A visit in the company's exhibition could be a fascinating experience, which - with the company's personnel- can offer a lot of ideas to the visitor for the decoration of his own place.

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