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In 1970, Mr. Anastasios Grapsas founded A.Grapsas which is operating in the plaster construction and decoration market. A.Grapsas has managed throughout the years to establish a solid reputation and is today a leading company in the plaster field, giving excellent examples of architectural interest.

The company, today, is operating as a leader in the field of plaster decorations in dry constructions and in the exterior constructions with the use of modern materials.

A.Grapsas, throughout its long lasting course, has managed to gain great insight in its field. Nowadays, the company has the know-how, the experience in handling big projects, the infrastructure, the resources and the human resources in order to be able to perfectly accomplish all kind of different constructions.

The most discrete competitive advantage of A.Grapsas is the huge variety of the available designs. The Creative Department, has already managed to renew and preserve the old designs as well as to continuously create new ones.

A.Grapsas undertakes the study, the production and the placement of its products with the most flawless and constructively right way. The Constructions Department which is composed by architects, engineers, gaffers, and specialized technicians, has as its principal concern the flawless and the workmanlike conclusion of the project.
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