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Γραφεία Lead Generation
Offices/Stores (Feb' 18)
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Γραφειακοί χώροι
Offices/Stores (Jan' 16)
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Exterior Renovation of building
Offices/Stores (Jun' 13)
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New COSMOTE Offices at Peania, Attica
Offices/Stores (Jul' 12)
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Mc Arthur Glen Designer Outlet Athens
Offices/Stores (Jun' 12)
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Notary's office in Athens
Offices/Stores (Jan' 11)
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Golden Hall, Brooks Brothers Store
Offices/Stores (Nov' 08)
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Millennium Coffee Shop , Gazi of Athens
Offices/Stores (Mar' 08)
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Restaurant-Cafe in Drossia, Attica
Offices/Stores (Apr' 07)
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Peugeot Offices
Offices/Stores (Oct' 05)
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Papachristos Winery
Offices/Stores (May' 05)
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Offices/Stores (Aug' 04)
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Driving School
Offices/Stores (Jul' 04)
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A.Grapsas LTD - Head Offices
Offices/Stores (Apr' 02)
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Offices/Stores (Jan' 02)
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Offices/Stores (Jul' 01)
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A.Grapsas LTD - Alimos Store
Offices/Stores (Jul' 00)
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