Services | Scagliola & sculpture

Services | Scagliola & sculpture
The rebirth of the Scagliola technique is one of the most special products of the A.Grapsas. The particular decorative elements, the sculpture, the special colouration and the facing with golden leaves give an extraordinary decoration and yield outcomes from a research of a modern art.

Scagliola is a mixture of hard plaster (selinite) with colours and natural glues, which are mixed with an artistic way depending on the design and the shape that we want to succeed. Thereafter, the product is being burnished until it reaches the desired outcome of debarring and light reflection. The result of this difficult and time consuming process is the perfect imitation of the marble. It is a novel way of creation and decoration that digress from the monotony of wood, glass and metal. The scagliola art gives numerous choices of creation and finds application to sculptures, columns, bathrooms, tables, fireplaces, candlesticks, vases, mirrors, etc. as it is a supple material and has numerous colouring choices.
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