Services | Cooperation

Services | Cooperation
Your cooperation with A.Grapsas can be realised with 5 different ways or with a mixture of the below mentioned ways of cooperation.
  1. We can creatively apply your architectural designs, offering you the necessary samples for the better understanding of the designs.
  2. After presenting you a full range of the capabilities of the Dry Construction and the Plaster Decoration, discussing with you the style that you would like and the available budget, we can study your space. We can make you the plans of the project and the constructional details. The complete study is being directed by the architect of the site or by the owner.
  3. We can co-study your project with your architect, enlightening the study with our experience and with our artistic sensitivity, undertaking the responsibility to present you the plans, the designs, the constructional details and anything else that will help you to better understand the designs of your project.
  4. You can choose from our catalogue and from our exhibition the designs that you would like and we can offer you with our experience a help to evaluate them.
  5. We can become your technical advisors or we can just make the study of the project, so that you can have the freedom to choose from whichever crew or product of the market you would like.
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